InBasket: Shared Vision

InBasket: Shared Vision
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changeThe Shared Vision InBasket simulates the issues faced by a busy principal each day while working continuously to create, sustain and evolve the learning community.

Effective school leaders build consensus among all stakeholders of what students should know and do as a consequence of their participation in schools, as well as what it means for students to become well-adjusted, contributing members of society. Building such a vision can require reconciling possibly competing perspectives among diverse members of the school community.

This assessment has 4 components, all of which are scenario based. Each component has a different format, each provides specific directions, and each is self-contained with regard to information and details for completion.

  1. Shared Vision: This section contains a series of real-life scenarios in which responses are in multiple-choice format.
  2. Prioritization: This section contains real-life scenarios in which you will choose a series of appropriate responses, then drag-and-drop them in rank order, according to the sequence in which you would complete that series of tasks.
  3. Written Response: This section contains a scenario to which you must provide a formal written response. Your response should be well written, articulate, accurate, and appropriately structured.
  4. Complex Issues: These scenarios will appear throughout the assessment while you are responding to components 1-3. Their purpose is to simulate the complex issues that occur in every school leader’s day, and require consideration of the vision, mission and goals of the school community.

Headphones are required to complete this assessment, as there are audio and video components contained within it.


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