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Shared Vision
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communityThis course module provides practical strategies to assist school leaders in creating a learning community that will shape a school’s shared vision, facilitate collaboration through teams and committees, and establish a climate that supports child-centered education in a collegial and caring environment, enhancing student achievement.

Effective educational leaders build a shared vision of student academic success and well-being. The effective school leader works to translate the vision of students’ experiences into measurable goals and outcomes.

In the absence of a great dream pettiness prevails. Shared visions foster risk taking, courage and innovation. Keeping the end in mind creates the confidence to make decisions even in moments of crisis.”
Peter Senge

Learning Objectives

Participants who complete this course will understand the importance of, and be able to:

  • Collaboratively develop, promote and implement a shared vision and mission for quality teaching and learning
  • State how the vision will impact the school community and students in terms of measurable goals and outcomes
  • Monitor and evaluate progress toward goals and revise plans as required
  • Encourage open dialogue about existing and new expectations for student educational experiences and outcomes, and opportunities for improvement
  • Ensure that a student-focused vision guides all school improvement efforts
  • Guide their own actions in ways that consistently reflect the vision, mission and values of the school

Course module lessons include an examination of the differences between mission and vision, how to refine a shared vision, goal setting, and the essential characteristics of learning communities. Lessons contain exercises that you will be asked to complete, and resources you can use for continuous learning.

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