ASAP Canada InBasket: Professional & Ethical Behaviour



The ASAP® InBasket is an innovative online assessment designed to gauge an individual’s abilities in dimensions aligned with the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders. Each InBasket provides feedback correlated to the ASAP course modules, and provides small group and cohort exercises for reviewing the InBasket content when used as a cohort learning tool.

The InBasket eliminates the cost of scoring and/or training scorers, which makes the traditional form of this type of assessment more expensive for school districts. Results are immediately available to the users and districts receive individual and group results in an administrator’s report.

What type of assessment is it?

The InBasket is entirely scenario based. All questions reflect real-life events, task and activities that school leaders face every day. It addresses the challenges faced by teachers, assistant principals, principals and district staff and can be used for cohorts combining participants from each of these educator levels, or made up from any one job title. The scenarios include short-form case studies, animations, and interactive media.

Leadership Dimension: Professional & Ethical Behaviour

The InBasket for Professional and Ethical Behaviour simulates the issues faced by a busy principal each day while working to maintain a sense of visibility and be approachable for all stakeholders.

An educational leader promotes the success and well-being of every student by adhering to ethical principles and professional norms. The effective educational leader nurtures the development of schools that place children at the heart of education; acts in an open and transparent manner; maintains a sense of self-awareness and attends to his or her own learning; and works to create productive relationships with students, staff, parents, and members of the extended school community.

The ethical educator acts as a moral compass for the school or district and safeguards the values of democracy, equity, justice, community, and diversity.

InBasket assessments in additional leadership dimensions are also available.


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