ASAP Canada Workbook: Faculty Development


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ASAP® Workbooks are available for professional development and school leadership programs for K-12 educators. Each workbook consists of four chapters of study and activities, which can be broken out weekly or monthly, culminating with a project or presentation to be shared at a group learning event.

The ASAP Workbooks are aligned with the requirements of the 2015 Professional Standards for Educational Leaders and your provincial leadership standards.

Workbooks are delivered digitally through your online ASAP account, where you can download and print copies for distribution within your school district on an as-needed basis.

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Workbook: Faculty Development

An effective leader creates a safe and efficient learning environment that supports effective school organization, operations, and resource allocation.

This workbook focuses on understanding the importance of leading faculty development. It provides the rationale for the importance of human capital, the contemporary view of faculty development, and various components of school improvement.

Once completed, you will be better able to plan for effective staff development for school improvement. Efficient planning will have visible benefits for your school and district.

Ensuring that well-qualified personnel exist in every classroom is a guiding principle in the life of a school and the purpose of faculty development.

Objectives for learners using this workbook:

  • Identify human resources as the most valuable asset in creating and maintaining a high- performing school.
  • Differentiate among professional development, staff development, and organizational development while acknowledging that each is essential and inextricably linked to the others in supporting school growth.
  • Describe the necessary perspective, knowledge and skills of an administrator who leads human resource improvement.
  • Address the circumstances that form an environment in which professional development takes place.
  • Describe the means for acquiring knowledge and skills.

As the leader of faculty development in your school, you must generate a focus on student and professional learning that is clearly linked to system-wide strategic objectives and the school improvement plan; evaluate, monitor, and provide timely feedback to faculty on the effectiveness of instruction; and identify faculty needs for growth and instructional proficiency.


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