ASAP Canada Workbook: Team Building


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ASAP® Workbooks are available for professional development and school leadership programs for K-12 educators. Each workbook consists of four chapters of study and activities, which can be broken out weekly or monthly, culminating with a project or presentation to be shared at a group learning event.

The ASAP Workbooks are aligned with the requirements of the 2015 Professional Standards for Educational Leaders and your provincial leadership standards.

Workbooks are delivered digitally through your online ASAP account, where you can download and print copies for distribution within your school district on an as-needed basis.

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Workbook: Team Building

An effective leader creates a safe and efficient learning environment that supports effective school organization, operations, and resource allocation.

This workbook provides an overview of the structures and processes involved in creating and maintaining effective school teams. It offers practical activities that assist leaders with understanding roles, responsibilities, structure, and functions within a team.

The workbook also provides direction for ensuring that teams and their development are an integral way of life at school.

Workbook topics include:

  • Understanding teaming as a structure
  • Components of effective team building
  • Functions of teams
  • Leading teams and collaboration
  • The Appreciative Inquiry Model

The goal of this workbook is to assist educators in beginning the process of teaming for school improvement.

Effective school teams make a difference for students and teachers in a variety of ways, but before colleagues can function effectively as a team, everyone involved must learn how to be a member of a team. The content of this workbook will provide information and describe the skills needed for teaming to make a difference at the school site.

The era of isolated teaching is over. When groups of educators work together, evidence shows that students and teachers flourish academically and socially. Team building is an essential skill that allows educators to capitalize on getting results that produce optimal student success. Team work in any industry or setting combines the expertise of many minds, skills and perspectives. The synergy that results from multiple minds at work is more effective than the outcome any one person could achieve.


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