ASAP Canada Course Module: Community in the Classroom



This course module focuses on recommended classroom management procedures and routines that help to develop relationships and build community. Cooperative learning, intentional relationships, and character education are components of an effective classroom community where students feel responsible for their learning, and have an obligation to each other and the school.

Many teachers who are new to the profession have had little training in the area of classroom management. Experienced principals have encountered this and have strategies for supporting teachers in what is a major component to teaching success. They create a plan and timeline for improving classroom skills and set goals around best practices in classroom management, including classroom organization, lesson preparation, and classroom routines.

A goal for the principal is to help teachers understand that classroom management is more than routines and organization. Building a sense of community in the classroom has many benefits for students. Effective educators start at the beginning of the school year to create opportunities for their students to forge supportive and collaborative relationships and to identify and reinforce the community’s shared values.

Modules contain pre- and post-tests for self assessment. Feedback from each test identifies chapters where additional review is required.

Each chapter contains a workbook with exercises that you will be asked to complete, and resources you can use for continuous learning.


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