ASAP Canada Workbook: Using Technology for Instructional Purposes


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The ASAP Workbooks are aligned with the requirements of the 2015 Professional Standards for Educational Leaders and your provincial leadership standards.

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Workbook: Using Technology for Instructional Purposes

Information and Communications Technology (ICT), in the realm of education, is a powerful agent for educational and social change. Using a synergistic mix of ICT materials and methods in educational environments can be intimidating. The growing use of ICT in society has created pressures on those who are not familiar with the usefulness and power of technology. Educators who are uneasy with and skeptical of the utility of new technologies may limit the opportunity for students to become prepared for a future where ICT knowledge is a necessity.

To inspire educators, educational administrators must understand the effectiveness and impact of ICT within educational settings. Educational leaders must foster a clear understanding of ICT, lead and assist with the planning of a successful implementation of ICT, and support staff in evaluating the impact of ICT within the school.

This workbook helps leaders to accomplish these goals, focusing on ICT in the context of learning and instruction. The approach in this workbook is based on the Constructivist theory of learning (Piaget, 1957), which is key to the whole area of ICT use and integration. The Constructivist theory of learning is based on the idea that learners construct knowledge for themselves—each learner individually (and socially) constructs meaning—as he or she learns.

This workbook focuses on the use of ICT in support of clearly defined goals and objectives. The workbook provides:

  • descriptions of how aspects of ICT fit into program delivery.
  • strategies for effective ICT implementation.
  • a review and reflections on the impact of ICT on program delivery.

This workbook offers activities, knowledge and resources to answer the following questions:

  • What are common obstacles faced by educators as they try to implement and integrate ICT in K-12 school environments?
  • What can be done to help educators and other key personnel to make valid decisions about implementing ICT?
  • How is ICT changing the context of teaching and learning?


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